Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"How to Improve Your Vertical Jump With Kettlebell Training ?"

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive via email.

There are a couple of answers to this question:

1st: Increase you maximum strength by using heavy weight
for low reps in the 1 to 5 range. I prefer the Deadlift
over the Squat for several reasons.

2nd: Mix classic kettlebell quick lifts (Snatches, Swings, Jerks) with actual jump training.

Perform each kettlebell drill as fast as possible, lower your weight if you need to.

You're focus is speed, not heavy weight, save that for
the Deadlifts.

3rd: Make sure to shut down your hip flexors. Tight hip
flexors literally put the brakes on powerful hip extension,
which is your goal in vertical jump performance.

4th: Perform over-speed eccentrics to develop higher levels
of reactice strength.

Here's a short clip on the Kettlebell Power-Bomb and Over-Speed Eccentrics:

Here are 2 resources for such information:

Kettlebell & Band Training For Superior Power

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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Kettlebell Bent-Press

The Kettlebell Bent-Press is an excellent drill for grappling athletes as it promotes hip mobility, spinal and shoulder stabilization.

Your entire back musculature works overtime to keep your spine rigid as well locking your overhead arm into place.

The Kettlebell Bent-Press is a unique drill that actalluy allows you to develop a mind/muscle connection with your lats, a muscle group that is generally hard to recruit during pressing actions.

The Kettlebell Bent-Press also shares very similar mechanics to many hip throw variations.

In my own training I've given up drills such as the Kettlebell Windmill, Turkish Get-ups and Bent-Presses for more common drills such as Snatches and Long-Cycle Clean & Jerks.

For the next 6 weeks I'll be re-introducing the Kettlebell Bent-Press and Turkish Get-ups back into my program on my strength days.

See below for quick video highlighted the Kettlebell Bent-Press:

Click Here: For more information on Kettlebell Training for Combat Sports.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Extended Kettlebell Snatch.

One of the greatest benefits of kettlebell training is the
plyo-metric training effect that occurs during drills such as
Kettlebell Snatches, Cleans, Swings and Jerks.

However, there are situations when training without the
plyo-metric effect is desirable.

For example, any sport or activity that requires explosive
power from a dead stop such as a football lineman, Volley Ball
and certain wrestling/grappling throws.

The Extended Kettlebell Snatch is an excellent alternative
to the more common Kettlebell Snatch variations.

Snatching from the floor without any preswing develops
power and speed from a dead stop.

Using a small box to extend your range of motion adda
even greater benefits to this already outstanding variation.

Watch it below: