Friday, September 26, 2008

Kettlebells are like...

Kettlebells are a tricky tool.

They've been classified as a fad, but have been in exsistance since 1904.

They've been classified as dangerous, but competitive athletes have the lowest injury rate compared with other sports.

They've been classified as too expensive, yet they last longer than any of us or our children will ever live.

They've been called quite a few things too...

-a cannon ball with a handle
-a strange looking purse
-a cow bell
-a kettle

among other such crazy things.

So, what is it that makes them work, that makes them so beneficial in training environments, that makes people swear by them?

*they're portable
*they don't take up much space
*they are durable
*they are an excellent replacement for traditional cardio
*they are able to be used in hundreds of movements
*when used properly, you burn fat and build lean muscle